On the first day of June home and family sign Cancer lights up as love planet, Venus begins a month-long visit!  We are caring and supportive to those we love and a bit tighter with our hard-earned money now.  Venus is our beautiful evening star and will be visible for the next several months in the western sky.  The New Moon in Gemini on the 10th is a Solar Eclipse and begins our lunar cycle this month. An emphasis falls on communication especially with Mercury Retrograde when misunderstandings can occur.  We may need to check information twice as clarity is needed.  Fiery planet Mars has stirred things up for the last few days but moves into Leo on the 11th when confidence, warmth, and a fun-loving attitude prevails.


The Sun enters Cancer on the 20th bringing our first day of summer, the Vernal Equinox!  It’s hard to believe that half of the year is over and a new season is here.  Family vacations and home projects are underway while time and weather allow.  Finally, Mercury moves direct in its home sign of Gemini on the 22nd!  We can begin to plan ahead and as each day goes by the energy will propel us forward again!  The next three weeks will be good for organizing our thoughts, bookkeeping, and travel arrangements.  Also, for making phone calls, writing emails, and enjoying short trips!        


A Full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn on the 24th accents our career and position in life.  Our status on many levels is highlighted both professionally and in personal life.  The energy promotes creativity with changes and transformation that can be both intense and profound.  Many issues in relationships will surface to be worked out or to bring about an ending.    Venus brings her charms to vibrant Leo on the 27th.  Romance is exciting and dramatic!  We are warm, affectionate, and need more attention now.  It’s a great time for a spa getaway as you won’t mind spending the cash!    


GEMINI:  The Eclipse in your sign accents new directions for health; and revising, renewing you with Mercury Rx!  Restlessness comes mid-month onward. Full moon accents finances with are enhanced but transformed.


CANCER:  You are favored and have high energy now!  A new path may be discovered after introspection. Revisit your private world. Monitor your spending.  The full moon reveals personal and business relationships issues.  


LEO:  Take time to yourself to recharge and relax.  New energy fills social life; reconnect to friends.  Mars begins to energize you on the 11th. The Full Moon brings out health issues. Work is also highlighted with adjustments.      


VIRGO:  Social life is active and pleasant.  A new path in career may come from past contacts.  Working in private accomplishments much.  The Full Moon accents your love relationships and children or creative interests.  


LIBRA:  Superiors favor you and your career is enhanced.  A new interest in travel arises as you revisit your favorite places.  Social life gets energized and then Full Moon lights up the home and family time.  Balance with work.     


SCORPIO:  Travel is enjoyable and adventurous! Resources are reviewed and new financial plans made.  You are highly motivated in your career and work hard.  Conversations may be revealing and can assist in necessary action.   


SAGITTARIUS:  Resources are enhanced; business goes well.  A new direction in relationships occurs with reconnecting and resolving issues.  Finances are in the Full Moon spotlight with creative options possible.   


CAPRICORN:  Personal and biz relations are enjoyable.  Health issues may reoccur; a new plan put into action.  Financial dealings are likely.  You are in the Full Moonbeams to take control and balance relationships.    


AQUARIUS:  Health should improve and the workplace enjoyable.  A new start with children and lovers is likely as misunderstandings are resolved.  Private life is in the spotlight.  Wellness plans can transform health now.  


PISCES:  Children and lovers are cooperative and enjoyed.  A new start with family comes with review and resolutions.  You are working hard now.  The Full Moon is illuminating your social life, goals, and future planning.  


ARIES:  Reconnecting to the past can lead to new beginnings or open doors.  Home is where your heart is all month, but the last two weeks you add fun time.  Career and position are in the full moon spotlight as the month ends.

TAURUS:  Reviewing finances can put you on a new track that works.   Daily life is pleasant and energized. Last two weeks your home life gets attention.  The full moon shines on travel and education as June closes.