2020 has been a unique year to say the least!  We have had planetary patterns presenting themselves that have not occurred in hundreds of years.  This last month begins sandwiched between Eclipses with high energy activating the signs of communication and understanding; which includes media in all forms, travel, and foreign affairs.  It will be interesting to see what is revealed and how it all turns out by this year’s end!     


Communication planet Mercury joins the Sun in straightforward Sagittarius for three weeks starting on the 1st day of December. We are outspoken, optimistic and a bit scattered now with a lot on our minds.  Restless to get out and about, we want to travel and explore even more so as the month progresses. The New Moon in Sagittarius begins the lunar cycle on the 14th and is a Solar Eclipse! And, on the 15th, love and money planet Venus enters outgoing, generous and adventurous Sagittarius encouraging our holiday spirit and bringing some much needed cheerful energy our way!   


Even bigger news this month, responsible, serious Saturn begins its trek through Aquarius on the 17th! This sign along with Taurus, Scorpio, and Leo will get a reality check for the next couple of years. Karmic dues will be paid and rewards received during this time.  Optimistic, lucky Jupiter also visits Aquarius on the 19th but only for about twelve months.  It can bring these signs fortunate circumstances but also freedom from what holds you back.  


Mercury moves into conservative Capricorn on the 20th giving caution to speech and thinking.  The Winter Solstice occurs on the 21st as the Sun enters Capricorn to begin the season. And on Christmas day an indulgent Taurus Moon encourages feasting and fun!  The Full Cold Moon in Cancer on the 29th is motivating us to make resolutions and release what needs to go. And, I can’t imagine a quiet New Year’s eve with a Leo Moon in the sky!  Even with all of the current social restrictions in place, we will surely enjoy a grand celebration in some way as we say goodbye to the year 2020!  


SAGITTARIUS:  Your own personal new year is underway!  Mid-month new beginnings come with an eclipse in your sign!  Everyday life becomes very busy with many duties.  Finances are in the spotlight as your year closes.    


CAPRICORN:  Inner world becomes illuminated; reveals an understanding.  Celebrate mid-month as restricting Saturn leaves your sign! Finances may increase and stabilize. Relationships take the spotlight as your year ends.     


AQUARIUS:  You’re ready to set new goals and may receive assistance!  Saturn will help you get serious and Jupiter can make it easier to handle.  Health issues may surface and work or duties may need to be your focus.  


PISCES:  A new option in education opens.  Travel is likely and enjoyable.  Health on all levels gets needed attention. Money may go fast; watch your spending!  Focus falls on love, creativity and children as the year closes.     


ARIES:  Completion’s in career lend time to focus on future goals!  You are restless and enjoy travel.  Begin an educational program; open your mind.  Year ends with home and family the center of your universe;celebrate them.  


TAURUS:  New patterns in finances are beneficial.  Your career or position brings opportunities but with responsibilities.  Practice safe travel habits. Spotlight falls on conversation, learning, and philosophy as the year closes.    


GEMINI:  Work and health are enhanced. Relationships are newly energized and beneficial.  Education and travel are rewarding but bring obligations.  Money and values become your focus as you get ready for the new year.     


CANCER:  Enjoy fun time then a new focus brings work and health to the forefront.  It’s time to get finances in order and make a new plan.  You are in the full moon spotlight as you balance, express, and feel breakthroughs!


LEO:  You enjoy home, family and fun!  Romance and creativity get new energy!  Relationships are beneficial, karmic and may bring obligations.  End the year with a spa getaway for a mental and physical health reset!   


VIRGO:  Enjoy conversing and short visits.  Home and family matters take a  new direction. Work brings many options and responsibilities.  New goals for the future need creative solutions. Watch finances and celebrate quietly.        


LIBRA:  Finances are enhanced.  Conversations and visits are highlighted.  Can love be fun and serious, too; yes!  Children and creativity are enjoyed. Your year ends with a focus on career and status, home & relationships, too.    

SCORPIO:  Enjoy being popular now!  Mid-month focus is on finances with new plans.  Homelife and family can grow and bring responsibilities.  Work is demanding. Spotlight falls on travel, higher education, and your beliefs