Communication planet Mercury enters dreamy, psychic Pisces on the 3rd and will stay there all month stationing retrograde on the 16th.  We are very sensitive now; our thoughts reflective and romantic. Our mind is on artistic and creative things, taking a break from the mundane.  Love planet Venus visits impulsive Aries on the 7th when impatience in matters of the heart or spending is likely. If things have been stalling in these areas they will move along now!  A Full Snow Moon in Leo on the 9th adds to the romance and may include a bit of drama! This moon is energetic and pushes us forward!  


We are ready to experience adventure in all aspects of life and do it in a big way!  Travel and recreation are highlighted; we explore new territory now!  


Mars, the planet of action and drive enters ambitions, practical Capricorn on the 16th!  This energy brings self-control and discipline as we work hard to achieve goals! No mountain is too high now and we don’t quit until we accomplish our tasks!  Just hours later on the same day, Mercury will station REtrograde. This may sound contradictory to getting things done, but the key is finishing things already in the works!  Also, it is a great time to clear things out and donate to charities, or volunteer your services! Take some time off for RElaxing, then REview and REstructure your plans. RE- connet to people that you need to work with you.  RElease and REset!       


The New Moon in Pisces on the 23rd begins the next lunar cycle!  Creative, sensitive and stimulating are keywords for this new phase! We will continue to complete projects and use our intuition to navigate the way!      


AQUARIUS:  Pleasant conversations are enlightening.  Relationships both personal and business take the spotlight!  Work and health both need energy clearing. A review of finances opens new directions to consider.      


PISCES:  Your energy leaves career area midmonth for more social time!  The focus on work and health can bring needed adjustments to light. Your earning is enhanced.  Your personal new year begins as the month ends!   


ARIES:  Venus gives you favor with others this month!  Love, fun and creative energy peaks with a dash of adventure!  Midmonth career is energized! Later, take time away to relax and review your goals; position.   


TAURUS:  Private time is enjoyed.  Home and family matters are in the spotlight regarding resources.  Energy goes into education and travel. New ideas for future plans are the focus later; review and reconnect to friends.  


GEMINI:  This is a social month for you with short trips and conversations in the spotlight!  Enjoy the company of others but watch spending! New patch open in your career that may increase finances or have other perks!   


CANCER:  Superiors favor you now!  Monitor health concerns. Finances are highlighted; make adjustments.  Work with others; resist challenging them. Travel and education areas present new opportunities with others.   


LEO:  Travel and love go together this month as you take the full moon spotlight and are ready to explore and have fun!  Midmonth health and work get your attention. Then, review finances and make a new plan!  


VIRGO:  Home and family have needed your attention but midmonth it is time for fun!  Take private time to recharge and reflect. New energy focus on partnerships both biz and personal is rewarding; resolve and renew!     


LIBRA:  Daily life is busy until midmonth then home and family get your attention.  Social life is highlighted with short trips and conversations! New revelations in health concerns assist with healing.  Meditate and relax.  


SCORPIO:  You may be spending to elevate your position in a career as the spotlight falls on status and reputation!  Midmonth everyday life gets busy the new creative energy goes into love and recreation interests!     


SAGITTARIUS:  Your energy has been high and can assist you in studies and exploration as travel is in the spotlight along with higher learning! Your finances take the attention next along with new family and home interests.   


CAPRICORN:  You enjoy home life and family. Midmonth your energy kicks in and it’s full speed ahead to accomplish goals!  The spotlight shines into finances. New intuitive ideas and conversations give you needed insight.