The last month of spring will be eventful for us globally and personally with six Retrograde planets slowing us down and two Eclipses keeping us on our toes!    The Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius on the 5th is Lunar Eclipse which will affect foreign travel, higher education, and philosophies.  Aspects highlight values, finances, and relationships, as well as a need to take action but uncertainty and unclear information, are all we have to go on.  Beware of taking things for granted without questioning now.    


Thinking, communication, and travel planet Mercury is in shadow phase all month; then stations Retrograde on the 18th in the emotional, family sign of Cancer.  Make plans carefully, but enjoy a family reunion, or return to a favorite vacation spot.  Important decisions and purchases are best left for another time as money planet Venus is also Retrograde.  Relationships also will be redirected and reviewed.  On the 25th Venus will move in direct motion again, but the shadow takes a while to fade away.      


Action planet Mars in dreamy Pisces is best used for creative endeavors or volunteering services to help others, especially with sympathetic Neptune nearby.  Our physical energy, power, and ambition doesn’t come alive until the 27th as Mars visits its home in Aries for the next several months!  As the New Moon joins the Sun in Cancer on the 21st, a Solar Eclipse occurs with very strong aspects this first day of summer! It will ask us to make adjustments, look over options, and cut losses from the past in order to move forward.  It is the last eclipse in a series over the last two years that have affected the signs of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Aries.  


GEMINI:  Relationships are highlighted and you reconnect with friends.  Work is productive but you want to play.  You charm your way along until new financial options arise possibly from previous career connections.     


CANCER:  Eclipses accent health and wellness prompting you to make the necessary changes for improvement.  Use caution in private affairs. Now is a good time to review your position as your own personal new year begins.      


LEO:  The spotlight falls on romance and recreation! Reconnecting socially is likely and enjoyable.  Use caution with resources.  Reflection is revealing and health on all levels is highlighted. Partners will need your support now.   


VIRGO:  Home and family life are accented as you balance with career.  You may be returning to a previous workplace and more duties are likely.  Later reconnect to friends or groups that interest you for fun or learning.  


LIBRA:  Conversations are revealing. Travel is likely; return or revisit if budget allows.  Health needs attention, boost immunity, rest, and detox.  Revisions in career or position open doors for new beginnings; direction.  


SCORPIO: Financial matters are in the spotlight as you evaluate all options; resources are rearranged.  Be cautious in speculation.  Return to a favorite place if traveling. New energy accents education or refreshing current skills. 


SAGITTARIUS:  You’re in the spotlight as you strive for balance and peace in personal and professional relationships. Express yourself openly and let go of illusions. New paths with finances as you release unused resources.    


CAPRICORN:  Spotlight shines inside yourself; introspection is revealing. Mental and physical health needs reset. New energy for relationships can bring positive changes as you communicate needs and resolve concerns.        


AQUARIUS:  Social time and fun can blow the budget! Resolve conflicts in romance and listen to children’s needs.  Revive an old hobby.  Get back to good health habits.  A new beginning for work and wellness gives results.  


PISCES:  Career and status are highlighted as you forge your way ahead!  Home and family life is pleasant as you reconnect, redecorate, and release.  New paths in romance and recreation, get back to the fun, and socialize more!


ARIES:  You want to take a trip to get away from it all. Reflect, reminisce, and reconnect. Talking things over goes well.  Summer brings a focus on home and family and you will become mega energized at the month’s end. 


TAURUS:  This month is all about financial moves as you reconsider all aspects of earning and resources.  Conversations help you reconnect as you make plans for travel and moving forward while letting go of old ideas.