We made it through some rough cosmic weather in July of Retrogrades and Eclipses!  This month is not as hard but the first and third weeks of August bring much activity and stimulation into our lives.  It begins with a Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd that highlights social life and humanitarian concerns, that is action-oriented, and requires adjustments from us.  Communication planet Mercury enters Leo on the 4th when conversations can be dramatic and expressive! Love and money planet Venus visits security-oriented Cancer on the 7th for the rest of August.  Financial and domestic security becomes more important.  We no longer wear hearts on our sleeves as love becomes more serious.  Being sensitive and sympathetic we want to take care of our mates and family.  


The New Moon in fiery Leo on the 18th begins the next lunar cycle!  This new energy is ego-centered but asks us to make adjustments for others as well.  We want our way on a personal level but need to consider others’ needs, too.  With a strong influence from Mercury expect to have a lot of conversations about it and also see it in the news!  Then, the very next day thinking planet Mercury moves on to analytical Virgo, the 19th.  Practical and logical ideas are expressed.  Judgment is impartial and interests in the details are important. On the 22nd the Sun also changes signs entering Virgo.  We want to do things well, enjoy routine, responsibilities, and learning.  This is the last zodiac sign of summer helping us get our lives in order before the next season arrives.      


LEO:  Spotlight falls on partnerships, understanding each other, and just enjoying the process.  Health issues can surface.  Work changes are likely.  Your new year begins now, express yourself, and take care of yourself.     


VIRGO:  Health on all levels is highlighted. Social life is accented.  Be careful speculating with resources.  Private life is active; your mind is restless.  New ideas unfold later on as you openly express yourself.  


LIBRA:  Romance and recreation are accented and enjoyed!  Social invites are many.  You are favored by superiors and career brings success.  New ideas for future plans and conversations with friends explore new paths.   


SCORPIO:  The spotlight falls on home and family as the month begins.  You will find travel and education enjoyable now.  Use caution with health.  Work brings changes as new options in career and position open up!     


SAGITTARIUS:  Daily life and conversations are highlighted and enjoyed! Finances are enhanced as you balance values and income.  Energy goes into fun!  New energy in education begins later and travel may happen too!  


CAPRICORN:  Income and values are in the spotlight.  Relationships are pleasant, partners agreeable both business and personal.  Energy goes into homelife as you make changes.  New financial direction comes later.    


AQUARIUS:  You are in the full moon spotlight; express yourself and have fun!  Health should improve as you focus on self care.  Conversations are revealing.  New energy fills both business and personal relationships later!


PISCES:  Private time is highlighted, take a mental health day.  Romance and fun bring much pleasure!  A change in values and income result in new future plans.  Work gets a new start later.  Wellness plans also begin.  


ARIES:  Your energy is high as you take charge of your position or career.  Social time is highlighted as is future plans.  Home and family is where your heart is.  Romance and recreation offer many options!  Later get organized! 


TAURUS:  Career and position are highlighted with opportunities!  You are busy in private making changes in your patterns.  Pleasant conversations are enjoyed.  Home and family life is active and infused with new energy!   


GEMINI:  You are restless and focus on travel, even if it is only in your thoughts and dreams!  Income is enhanced, as you get finances in order.  Later new ideas have your creative mind busy, and daily life rewarding.  


CANCER:  The spotlight falls on resources and financial matters.  You are favored now and easily get your way.  Relationships undergo changes with the theme of letting go.  New options for income arise later on; be creative.