New Year Greetings, Everyone!  It’s 2021 and I know you are eager to hear some good news about our celestial influences for this long-awaited new beginning!  Let’s start with a lot less retrograde influences, two major planet moves, and eclipses changing their highlights to new signs as well!  Of course, this is affecting each sign differently, and unfolding gradually, but you can be sure 2021 is not a repeat of last year.  It will take us to a new level of “knowing” for sure!  Read on for a short overview to get started!   


CAPRICORN:  Expansive Jupiter brings growth to finances all year!  And, conservative Saturn teaches you how to best manage any financial gain received.  Values become more practical, windfalls well managed. February is especially fortunate as Venus enhances finances and bestows favoritism on your sign.  January & February speculation is high and unpredictable, so rethink impulses!  The heavy losses and lessons of Saturn for the last three years have passed but Pluto stays with you to be sure that the necessary transformations keep unfolding.  Logical thinking may be a challenge with uncertainties and vague info coming your way.  Rely on your intuition now.  Eclipses focus on your health in general and the workplace or job changes.  It’s time to put a new wellness plan in order and roll with the work issues.  Love life continues on an unpredictable path with unusual attractions.  Your children learn independence and may throw a few surprises your way!          


AQUARIUS:  Jupiter, the planet of luck, and Saturn planet of discipline are visiting your sign this year!  This combo together could work well for any kind of plans you want to put into action and you may have several to choose from!  If born the first week of Aquarius many responsibilities will come to you this year.  Expect to address anything you have neglected.  You are favored in February as Venus brings its beauty and charm your way.  Finances aren’t as clear as you would like and it may be hard to hold onto earnings. Home and family life continue to be unpredictable especially the first two months of the year.  Eclipses bring many changes in areas of love life and with your children.  Introspection and meditation can reveal the deepest of your inner thoughts and struggles and reveal hidden issues.             


PISCES:  You have a guardian angel watching over you this year and helping you to clear away what has been in your way of progress.  Health issues may become clearer or get resolved with help provided.  Watch for isolating yourself or trying to go it alone. Be optimistic and develop good mental and physical health habits.  Your creative abilities may soar but a strong identity or clear direction escapes you.  Everyday life can be very unpredictable and even exciting.  Learning about metaphysical subjects is likely or an interest in technology develops.  You are favored during the month of March and easily get your way.  Eclipses activate home and family areas, along with career and status, easily bringing the necessary changes into your life this year.  You are preferring only close friendships.           


ARIES:  Growth and expansion in your social circle take place this year as you make new friends.  Mutually beneficial relationships may develop and a career could even be found through new contacts.  Duties and obligations in groups and organizations are likely and you welcome taking charge. Venus brings favor to your sign in spring as you celebrate your birthdays.  Your financial picture continues to be unpredictable and endures disruption for the first two months of the year.  Career continues a slow modification and superiors favor you in January. Eclipses stimulate your interest in education and may provide opportunities to travel both near and far during this year.  Take time away to meditate and go within.  Your inner world has much to teach you.  Getting reconnected in all relationships is a major theme.       


TAURUS:  New opportunities in career or status are presented as Jupiter opens doors that include travel or teaching!  Saturn is also bringing karmic rewards earned and asking for payments due, so working harder may be needed with your new options.  You start the year with high energy and may be ready to break free and explore new horizons!  Your sign has been getting used to the unexpected and has had to roll with the changes for the last several years. This is especially true if you are born in the second week of your sign this year.  Eclipse energy shifts to financial matters and a budget should be set for social spending.  Your friends bring spiritual gifts but may also need your support.  You get your way from April to mid-May.  Beliefs change through travel and exposure to higher, deeper knowledge.            


GEMINI:  Pack your bags restless one, you have travel in your stars this year and it may include work or obligations; personally or professionally!  You are eager to explore and learn new subjects thoroughly. A vacation or work assignment abroad will be most enlightening and illuminating!  You still enjoy investigating subjects deeply, uncovering mysteries and breaking through restraints. Career direction remains unclear or you may find work in service fields. Mars energizes you in March and April then Venus brings pleasures and favors the month of May. Eclipses activate your relationships both personal and professional and bring needed changes with partners.   You do a lot of reviewing and reconnecting with people in general this year.   


CANCER:  Your personal and professional relationships have undergone tremendous changes in the last several years and will continue to modify.   Financial karma both paid and received is in your stars this year as well as necessary endings and letting go of old patterns.  Increases in resources, whether from inheritance or partners come with obligations and, or possible restrictions.  Friends seem unpredictable but bring excitement. Late April thru June finds you full of energy and ready to take charge!  All of June brings you favor and enjoyable moments.  Health and wellness are the main focus all year with Eclipses highlighting this area.  The workplace will also be activated and need adaptations as the year unfolds.  Travel may bring spiritual experiences, enjoy when possible, but protect your health.     


LEO:  Lucky Jupiter brings fortunate marriage and business partnerships this year, enhances relationships in general, and is good for legal affairs!   Saturn also influences relationships bringing stability, commitment, and a serious vibe.  Relationships that haven’t been working will end.  Eclipses activate romance, fun, children, and creativity but need a firm budget.  Your health improves but still requires some modifications and working doesn’t seem as stressful.  Mid-June thru July your high energy gets things done!  Also, Venus visits in July to bring charm and favors your way.  Career and status may bring sudden changes and you prefer to do things your way.  You are likely to receive varied support from others. Psychic abilities get stronger and intuition serves you well.  Financial risks should be avoided.


VIRGO:  Fortunate Jupiter expands your work opportunities all year long that may include travel and a better position!  Saturn of course will require you to work hard and add responsibilities.  Health may improve but any concerns will surface to be addressed.  Try to take better care of yourself with rest and a healthy routine.  Eclipses fall in areas of the career that echo work advancement, and also within the home and family.  Your partner may be supportive but not always available when needed.  Love relationships still endure modifications but no longer have heavy karmic burdens to bear.  August you are energized and favored with a new sense of yourself!  Take a course in metaphysics and explore other cultures for some excitement.  


LIBRA:  This year Jupiter brings love, luck, and fun your way!  It’s a highly creative year and Saturn will help you keep a level head lending caution in your newfound exuberance.  Romance will come with karmic feelings of “meant to be”.  Children may come into your life in a fated way as well but also bring much happiness.  Transformation in home and family foundation continues, but the extreme losses and crippling hardships should not.  You experience erratic changes in resources and finances.  Healthwise pamper yourself and stay away from toxic environments. You are more sensitive to medications and need more rest instead of overextending yourself.  Travel near and far is in your stars.  You are popular from August to mid-September when your energy begins to soar! Also, you’re more expressive this year.


SCORPIO:  Family life has many blessings this year but also brings more responsibilities.  You will need to support relatives and make sacrifices for them.  Your home may need repairs or you may need to downsize.  Daily life continues to be all-consuming.  Conversations are deep and revealing.  Finances are accented by the Eclipses this year and are affected mainly by a change in values.  Relationships both personal and business are erratic.  Romantic partners aren’t always available and may require sacrifices.  Your creative abilities are highlighted, especially with art and music.  Mid Sept. to mid-October you are popular and gain favor.  Energy is high in November when your own new year begins. Pace yourself and review wellness plans.             

SAGITTARIUS:  Restrictions on finances and the never-ending outpouring of funds finally begins to ease up this year as you continue rebuilding your assets.  Education is successful but needs strict application; short trips and conversations are serious but enjoyed.  Siblings may gain responsibilities.  Your health may need sudden attention and you should benefit from new innovative methods in medicine.  Expect the unexpected in the workplace.  Confusion or uncertainty prevails with family members that may not be able to be available for you.  Home is your sanctuary for healing and an escape from the stress “outside”.  Partnerships are accented with Eclipse energy as changes to relating take place.  October brings you beauty and charm while in December you get energized to take on projects for your new year.