NASA image of planets in outer space.

NASA image of planets in outer space.

Astrology… Language of the Stars

Astro, meaning star and logos, the written word;  astrology is a  language unto itself and the oldest science known to mankind.  Astrological charts exist today from ancient Egypt that were created as early as 4200bc.  But, even before recorded history, man has recognized and studied the relationship between celestial phenomena and terrestrial affairs.

Your astrological chart is derived from the date, place and exact time of your birth;  it is as unique as your fingerprints.  This chart or star map is created upon taking your first breath and absorbing the energies of the universe.  Astrologers are star map readers and they interpret this language for their clients, helping them live life with greater awareness and understanding.

I am often asked, “How did you get into astrology?”  Fortunately, I am a “natural” regarding my profession.  As a child, I knew there had to be a great significance to the beautiful night sky.  Stargazing to find the constellations and observing the moons phases were a favorite pastime for me;  as was watching the sun follow its daily path, then slowly vanish below the horizon.

“When is your birthday?”  seemed to be my favorite question and I memorized the birthdays of everyone I met.  Science was my favorite subject and the Atlas of the Universe, my favorite book.  When I was 9 years old I saw the circle of zodiac symbols on a magazine it all seemed to go together for me.  I began collecting astrology books and at age 15 assembled my own birth chart.

As an adult, I have enjoyed a career in alternative medicine, owned several businesses and persued many creative endeavors to satisify my enterprising spirit.  Although I’ve studied most metaphysical sciences, astrology has remained my passion.  In 1992 I answered my true calling and embraced my destiny as a professional astrologer.


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