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Astrology is an essential tool for self discovery and personal fulfillment. Astro, meaning star and logos, the written word; astrology is a  language unto itself and the oldest science known to mankind.


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Gary King

Speaker and Author, Treasure Island, FL

Life is a mystery, if you want to fully understand the mystery and how it effects your life and the lives of those around you, I highly recommend you consult with Sarah Lyons , astrologer. Sarah is an expert in her field. Many do not clearly understand that astrology is a science, not a myth. Sarah did a one year forecast for me in September 2014, to date it has been 100% accurate, beyond any doubt. It has given me insight, clarity, inner peace, and a very definite advantage in all my personal and business dealings. Give yourself a gift, you deserve it, get a 1 year forecast from Sarah Lyons.

Renee Mott

Multiple Business Owner

Sarah Lyons has helped me considerably in my personal and professional life. I seek her expertise several times a year now. I was skeptical in the beginning, but after recording the things she indicated to me, see that she was RIGHT ON! There is a better time to do some things than others; Sarah is the person to let you know when those times are. It is all written in the stars!

Judith Sanders

Alternative Medicine Practioner, Seminole, FL

It wasnt until I had my first astrological reading that I realized how precise and accurate this science is. I have had readings by a number of astrologers, but Sarah is my #1 pick! She has refined her interpretations to an art, is extremely knowledgeable and accurate.


Largo, FL

While I've always been a fan of astrology, I began to understand and respect it as a science when I met Sarah. I've had several readings and they are always spot on. Not only is Sarah knowledgeble and professional but you know you are with a friend. Her readings have provided insight into myself and others in my life and have been so useful in guiding decidions. I appreciate her expertise in my life!

W. L.

Promotional Executive, Entrepreneur

My husband and I both have been using the talented Sarah Lyons since 1997. We have come to depend on her forecasts before making any major decisions, because of past experience! With her help we feel we are better prepared to face the inevitable challenges that we all confront. I have referred at least a dozen clients to Sarah, and not one has ever complained. She is a fine person with a kind heart as well as an extremely talented astrologer.

Sara Dawson

Business Owner, FL

Sarah Lyons is amazing! I was very impressed by her expertise in interpreting my astrological chart at my first reading in 2002. She knew nothing about me, except my birth date, time and place and yet she was aable to describe pertinent aspects of my past and clarified character traits. She continues to amaze me when I get my regular forecast twice a year. These days, its not hard to get your chart done, but it is Sarah's expertise and professionalism that set her apart and provide the value of your consultation. I am grateful to have the benefit of her insight into the currents of my life.

Jen & Scott Hunter

Melbourne, FL

We put our house up for sale in March 2008, and it was on the market for many months with little interest. We decided to see Sarah in October 2008 to get our six month report, and she gave us great news about our house. She told us that April 2009 looked favorable for us selling our house and everything would be complete by the end of the month. In April, we got an offer on the house and by the beginning of May it was SOLD! The selling process was very smooth, as Sarah said it would be! We are so thankful!" "We also went to Sarah to discuss our wedding date in 2005. We gave her the month we were interested in getting married, and she provided us with a date that would be perfect. The weather was very fickle that month, and thanks to Sarah, our weekend was the only beautiful weekend. Our outdoor wedding was perfect: the light was perfect, no rain, everything was so beautiful, not too cold. The weekend prior was rainy and the weekend after all the pollen fell everywhere! Thank you Sarah for making our day perfect!

Christopher D.

Professor (Palm Coast, FL)

This is written as an impassioned, unsolicited testimonial to the credibility, competency, experience, thoroughness, and input of astrologer Sarah Lyons. Her depth of knowledge; breadth of insight: range of expertise; uniqueness of abilities; standards of professionalism; and accuracy of forecast are truly amazing and gifted. I have used her services since 1994 and recommend Sarah Lyons enthusiastically and without qualification for anyone seeking some valued guidance and direction from the stars.

Pat Morton

Murfreesboro, TN

Sarah, what a great opportunity you have given me to let me let others know what a great job you do in your work for others. Several times throughout the years you have been a God Send. One I recall the most was when I called about the best time to have Open Heart Surgery. I had chosen one date but you gave me another stating if I had it on the date I had chosen I would bleed too much. You searched several days to find the perfect date and when I had the surgery I had a test run the day before and began to bleed. The day chose by you for my surgery went perfect I had no pain and went home in 4 days. Recovery in 4 weeks. Thanks to you and your date, things went so well. I would trust you to help me in directions of my life any time. Again what a talented Lady!

Lynn Rolle

CEO Boku International, LLC; Ojai, CA

Sarah has been doing my yearly Astrology reading for approx. 14 years. Even though she provides a recorded tape of our sessions, I hand write notes of our conversations. I constantly refer back to my notes & sure enough …she gave me a heads up on what to expect good & bad. I recently started my own company October 2007, Boku International,LLC selling Boku Super Food worldwide. I couldn’t image running a business with out Sarah’s monthly guidance. Nothing surprises me , I’m one step ahead of the game! Her suggestion to get involved in women's networking groups has connected me with amazing business opportunities. I feel its good karma to share. Sarah you are AWESOME!!!

Kelli Rose

Business Owner, Monument, CO

Sarah is an extraordinary astrologer. In my first visit with Sarah, in 2002, I was very skeptical. Rather than "telling me about my future", she told me about my past, in great detail, simply by looking at my chart. It was all I needed to convince me this woman I didn't know was exceptional at this science. In the many years I have known Sarah and had readings from her, I have found her to be amazingly accurate and informative. I have found that consulting Sarah has helped me with making business decisions, travel, deciding when is the best time to begin or end projects, and when to just take a break. As they say, 'timing is everything'. Sarah's dedication to her craft and her lifetime of experience is second to none ... I would highly recommend that everyone have at least one reading from her to see for themselves.

Billie V. Odor

Colon Hydro Therapist and Health Navigator

Sarah has provided a fantastic service for me and over the years has proven to be an excellent astrologer. She has a wonderful way of taking the mystery out of astrology and replacing it with a true science. Since January ’98 I have used her services for many situations: medical procedures, lease agreements, moving dates and when to start a new relationships; both business and personal. I opened Inner Healings and Associates in 2000 with her astrological expertise and my business is still prospering. The comforting part for me is this; Sarah is direct and to the point. She does not mix her words. A few years ago she saw that my mom would be leaving my chart. This gave me time to set things right between us. It was a gift to be forewarned. Thank you, Sarah, Mom and I had the time to heal our relationship.

Sarah-Renee Roos

Publisher – Paradise News, St. Pete Beach, Florida

I have known Sarah Lyons since 2002 and am honored to have her as the official astrologer for Paradise News. The publication has been around for seventeen years and is one of the best read publications in the area. Since she has been doing the monthly column, I have had many a reader describe how accurate the readings were as well as the predictions. Personally, there has been many a time when I would notice different energy going on in business and upon visiting Sarah, it was through her readings that the cause became known. Sometimes it was just things in retrograde, other times a certain planet was in focus. No matter what was going on, she was able to explain things. Respecting my own energy, she has given me the confidence to acknowledge what I am feeling and to trust in my instincts. Sarah's readings are done with passion and accuracy. She is very knowledgable about astrology and has served as president of our local Astrology Association of St. Petersburg; one of the oldest astrological societies in the United States. It is indeed a pleasure to know Sarah and to have her as a friend.

Jan Rysdon

Stress Management Consultant

I loved the session today. After you gave me lots of relevant information, I looked back at a previous astrological session, and it wasn’t even close to being as descriptive and helpful as yours. You provided explanations and insights that will make important impacts on my life. Thank you so much, Sarah!!

C. Webb

South Korea

When I came to Sarah, I wasn't sure what to expect. Previously, I had felt that astrology was too vague to be practical for applications in my life, so I approached her services with respectful skepticism. Sarah saw this as an opportunity to share some information with me. She patiently educated me and made my session specific to my concerns. I remember one year in the early 2000's, a family member had gifted me with a session with Sarah. By reading my chart, she was able to accurately forecast key points of change in my life. Things that I remember thinking, "No way that is going to happen!" ... and, I was proven wrong. She has been my personal astrologer and friend ever since (for many years now). Recently, I decided to take a new job overseas, and her observations are coming to pass with laser point accuracy. I can confidently say that my experiences with Sarah have been professional, compassionate, and accurate. Thank you Sarah for blessing my family and for being such a kind messenger for the stars.

Jeanette Secor P.A.

Hotel Owner/Investor, St. Petersburg, FL

If I had not experienced Sarah’s accuracy of forecasting, I would never have believed it. I first met Sarah Lyons at a friend’s party in 2001 where she was available for consultations. When I started talking to her it was like she had known me for years. At first I though this was all just an act and the party host must have told her about me. When she started talking about the future I took her statements with a grain of salt; and didn’t give it much thought until about two years later when my friend mentioned the party. Then it all came back to me and everything Sarah had predicted had come true! And, these were not general predictions that would work on everyone! The events she envisioned were specific to me. She said I would get a new degree or license and make more money than I had been making as a practicing attorney. This seemed ridiculous as I was doing very well with a 10 year practice! She was right! In the time frame she forecast I got my real estate license and started flipping houses, mobile home parks and apartment buildings, then ultimately bought my own hotel. These investments earned more money than I had made as a very successful attorney! I have seen Sarah most every year since then and her predictions are equally uncanny. Once she said that I would make most all of my money in the month of July, which is usually a slow time for me; but 60% of my income that year came in July! She also told me not to travel over seas during some specific dates. Since her track record was so good I didn’t travel. Thank goodness! My travel partner had a medical emergency here in the US that could have been fatal if we had gone and treatment had not been available. Sarah made many more exact predictions that I couldn’t believe until they came true. But, suffice it to say she is always right!

Linda Westhoven

Business Owner; Orlando, FL

Sarah’s supportive and natural instinctive ability gives great insight into our individual journeys. My daughter was distraught after a bad break-up and a friend suggested that a chart reading by Sarah might help; it was the best thing I could have done for her. Since her reading she is feeling much better and several things Sarah told her has happened. Sarah was a tremendous help. Laura has readdressed her studies and moved forward with a new relationship, just as Sarah said for last December! This year, I visited Sarah to have my forecast for 2015; which was my first ever chart reading. It turned out to be an incredible experience. Sarah’s approach is both inspiring and motivating. She was able to make me feel excited about this year! Her deep knowledge and profound ability in this science is astounding! I now find myself pushing to be most that I can be in all I do! Sarah also informed me of obstacles that I can expect and the time frame of these road blocks. If you need to get centered or find your direction, I highly recommend this outstanding astrologer!

Rebecca L.


I was not new to astrology when I heard of Sarah Lyons from a co-worker. As a student of astrology for close to 5 years, I was drawn to the science and the awe, never letting it dictate my life, but always aware of the influences and energies. The first time I met Sarah, I was thoroughly impressed as she took me through a 12 month forecast, but I remember almost wanting to laugh out loud when she indicated I could get pregnant in February, March or April of 2015. Surely the energy she was seeing had to manifest differently than that because I had years of health issues and what I called "three strikes" when it came to the possibility of having my own children (all well documented in my chart). Sarah sensed my incredulity and all she said was something along the lines of "I'm just saying that it's a possibility." I put it out of my head as soon as I walked out the door. Fast forward several months and many of the things we talked about were resolving or materializing, including the failing health of and eventual passing of my grandfather, legal issues for my dad and a growing relationship with my step-daughter. And then, on March 9, 2015, my doctor confirmed that I was pregnant. I now have a beautiful daughter and was able to share the wonderful news with Sarah in February as she took me through another 12 month forecast. Sarah is a truly gifted astrologer and she truly cares.

Shannon B., Arvada, Colorado

Multiple business owner

My mom has been working with Sarah since I was a kid and had Sarah forecast my charts way back then. My mom was so excited to share with me that I would meet my life partner when I was 25 in a setting surrounded by artists, that it would be a solid match, and that we would work together and build things together. This news was devastating to my eleven-year-old ears because it meant that I'd have to wait another FOURTEEN years before I found a match. I met him on the EVE of my 25th birthday at an album release party full of artists and musicians. (She called it to the day!) It's the kind of partnership that makes me want to find him in all the lives to come. We've been together for 6 years now, are running a business together, are working in the community together, and are prepping for a family. She called it! Now that I'm in my thirties, she's helping me learn to understand my own chart and how to adapt to the rhythm the universe is already dancing to. Full support for Sarah and her work!